A Dozen Years

July 8, 2020
Hank Cramer IV
Ferryboat Music LLC
Producer: Hank Cramer IV
Number of discs: 1
  1. Quiet Mind
  2. Martin Way
  3. Dan’s Song

Embark on a soulful journey with ‘A Dozen Years,’ a captivating EP by Hank Cramer IV. Featuring the heartfelt tracks ‘Quiet Mind,’ ‘Martin Way,’ and ‘Dan’s Song,’ this collection is a testament to Hank’s profound musicality and storytelling prowess. Written and recorded after the acclaimed ‘Hank + Eddie – Unplugged’ release, each original composition on this EP invites listeners into a world of introspection, nostalgia, and emotional resonance. Experience the essence of Hank’s musical journey and immerse yourself in the rich melodies and poignant narratives of ‘A Dozen Years.


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